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The concern with a fire resulting from a high-speed rear end impact is not just a law enforcement “issue”. Although CVPIs are put in “harm’s way” along side high-speed roadways far more often than passenger vehicles, they do share the same Panther platform with several other vehicles that share the vertically mounted fuel tank design. Image 1 on the left is of the consumer version of the Crown Victoria. Image 2 is of its sister car—the Mercury Grand Marquis. Images 3 and 4 are of the Lincoln Town Car (both standard and with the limousine modification).

Several civilians have lost their lives in these types of vehicles as well. Most recently, Tara Howell Parker, the wife of Shawn Parker - NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett’s crew chief, and her two sisters, Mysti Howell Poplin and Megan Elizabeth Howell, were all killed in September when they were riding in a Lincoln Town Car limousine that was rear ended by a drunk driver while stopped in traffic on Interstate 40. (Click here for complete article.)

FIRE Panel is not just for the Panther platform vehicles. Custom Coach builders Von Genaddi Design (www.vgdauto.com) chose to include a modified version of the FIRE Panel on their ultra-luxurious custom Shooting Brake (see Image 5). This vehicle, dramatically modified from a Bentley-based prototype, was designed to include every conceivable amenity and safety feature. Therefore, the FIRE Panel was chosen to protect its fuel tank from puncture (although the Bentley’s platform does not share similar characteristics with the Panther platform). (Click here for more information on this application.)

So, whether it’s a passenger vehicle based on the Panther platform or an ultra-custom, one of a kind creation, FIRE Panel is the leader in providing fuel tank fire protection.