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The FIRE Panel technology has been applied to vehicles as well. Racecars have been testing these panels for years. More recently, the FIRE Panel has been applied to the fuel tanks of police cruisers.

Well documented in the news, fires that have occurred after a high-speed rear end impact have cost many officers their lives from an otherwise survivable collision. A FIRE Panel, installed directly on the fuel tank of the CVPI, provides a strong layer of fire protection for the officer(s) and/or occupants of the CVPI.

The three dimensional shape of the FIRE Panel allows it to wrap around the sides of the fuel tank.
Shown here, FIRE Panel fits tightly on the fuel tank and does not impede vehicle performance.

This provides additional fire protection coverage for the tank during a collision that comes from a skewed angle.
FIRE Panels install directly over the axle side of the fuel tank. Shown is a transparent example of how the FIRE Panel simply fits over a CVPI's fuel tank.